IT Client Onboarding

ServerSeamless changeovers to a new IT provider aren’t impossible. Kicking off a new technology partnership with Tech Smiths  Consulting can be smooth sailing if you have extensive existing documentation and have performed routine network maintenance on up-to-date hardware.

More realistically, though, you should expect to have to deal with a few short-term inconveniences in order to take advantage of the long-term benefits that come with partnering with the team of IT experts at Tech Smiths.

Tech Smiths has years of experience providing proactive IT consulting and support to a wide range of clients. We’ll have things up and running — and better than ever — in no time. But finding a few bugs to sort out during the first few weeks can be pretty common.

Tech Smiths’  innovative New Client Onboarding program for our managed services clients is designed to ensure the first few weeks for any new client receive the proper attention and energy they need to start a successful business relationship. Depending on the complexity of your infrastructure and systems, you can expect a Tech Smiths engineer to come to your office once a week for up to eight weeks. We’ll work with you to determine the best schedule for your organization.

We’ve had so much success with this program that wanted to share it publicly and we expect it to become the standard in our industry.

Here’s how our approach works:

Phase One — Discovery and Documentation

We’ll assign your organization a dedicated project engineer who will be your point person during your initial network onboarding. Your Project Engineer will spend one full day each week at your office for up to four weeks so they get to know your business. They will:

  • Survey your environment and review any lingering IT problems.
  • Document and map out your network and systems.
  • Resolve any issues that need immediate attention.
  • Begin your project rollout.

Phase Two — Fine Tuning and Monitoring

Once the Project Team completes their rollout and documentation work, a Systems Engineer from the Tech Smiths Service Team will take over and finish your project. Your Systems Engineer will also spend a full day at your office each week for up to four additional weeks. They will:

  • Complete your project rollout and resolve any unforeseen bugs.
  • Confirm Tech Smiths’ proactive monitoring is functioning correctly.
  • Educate your team on how to work with Tech Smiths (see below for more on this one).

As our Service Team will take care of any questions you may have as a new client, your Systems Engineer will also take time to show you and your staff how to get the most out of your partnership with Tech Smiths. They will review:

Creating tickets and expected response times. There are three easy ways to submit a request for help (email, phone and from the Tech Smiths client portal on each machine). We’ll cover response times and how you can expect to hear back from us. We can even provide a “How to Work with Tech Smiths” cheat sheet to distribute to your staff.

Emergency contact. If you need help after regular business hours, we’ll go over how to reach our on-call engineer. While there can be extra costs involved depending on your agreement, you’re covered 24/7 at Tech Smiths.

We are confident that you’re going to love working with Tech Smiths. Our New Client Onboarding program is how we demonstrate our commitment to doing what it takes to make switching to Tech Smiths worth it.